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Trumpets.Online is an exciting shop for trumpeters offering the musical instruments as well as accessories for trumpet!


STOMVI trumpets mouthpiecesAccessories are an important additional for brass instruments. Therefore, our online-shop has included mouthpieces, training aids, cases and bags into it's assortment.

The customers don't need to change to a different shop, if they are looking for a respective musical accessory to their new instrument.

For Students and Professionals

STOMVI trumpet 250 ML EliteTrumpet students and pro­fessionals will find their sound ideas for trumpet realized with the in­stru­ments offered at Trumpets.Online.

Apart from trumpets, the shop also offers other brass instru­ments like trombones and horns as well as woodwind instruments like clarinets, saxo­phones and flutes.

Trumpets.Online would like to become your favourite shop for musical instruments and accessories!!

Trumpets.Online is dedicated to music and musicians. Our instruments are recognized to be of excellent quality - for the quality of sound and the quality of manufacturing as well. The brass musical instruments that we offer are well-suited for professionals but also for ambitious students.

Don't hesitate to enter our Online-Shop for Trumpeters and other Brass Musicians!

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BRASSEGO trumpets To sum up: our Online Shop for trumpets offers the brass instruments that you need in your band or orchestra, be it a jazz group, a brass band or a symphonic orchestra.

Trumpeters all around the world play the instruments offered by Trumpets-Online

For sure, your new instrument is available in our online shop: your new trumpet in Bb, Eb, A, C, or D, your new piccolo trumpet, all with exceptional sound!
This shop is open 24h / 7 days! Trumpeters, look around and find your next trumpet!

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Apart from high quality musical instruments from selected instrument manufacturers you will also find musical accessories in our shop: mouthpieces, cases, training aids, ...
Why do you still hesitate! Online shopping of Trumpets and Trumpet Accessories is the most efficient way of shopping in time and price!

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What our customers say:

Werner S.: My mouthpiece from SPIRI, which I bought at the shop Trumpets.Online, is fantastic: optically as well as acustically. The sound of my instrument has changed in a positive way. I can recommend these mouthpieces from SPIRI!
Dieter H.: I have checked the offers from your shop Trumpets-Online and I have found "the instrument of my dreams" - a Master 5381 from STOMVI with two different bells, one made from copper, and the other made from brass. The instrument isn't cheap, but the information provided about this trumpet has been convincing and made me order this instrument. And indeed, this trumpet is really fantastic!
Erwin C: I bought a Piccolo Trumpet from BRASSEGO. The model A/B PICOLETTA with Singing Bell treatment has 4 rotary valves and a trigger at the 3rd valve. The sound has a good projection but no disturbing sound peaks in the spectrum - just as it has been promised by BRASSEGO. It's an excellent instrument!
Renate G.: A friend told me about the great instruments from STOMVI. Therefore I have been checking the instruments offered at at your online shop, looking for a cornet in Bb. Finally, I decided to order the model Elite 5825. The ordering process was easy. Having selected this instrument, I am happy now: the nice looking instrument has an easy response and a great sound.

What are you waiting for?

Trumpets.Online is dedicated to wind musicians, especially trumpeters. For the trumpet players we have trumpets in C, Bb, Eb/D, piccolo trumpets, cornets, as well as accessories for wind musicians. For all instruments and accessories you can rely on our traditional warranty conditions.
Visit our Online shop for Trumpets - and make your dream reality!

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